What is Magical Mat-Based Massage?

My whole body feels different! In the best way!

Jennifer, a regular receiver of Magical Mat-Based Massage.

Magical Mat-Based Massage is a blend of massage therapies that are done on a dense cushy mat. If you’re familiar with Thai massage and Shiatsu, you’ve come to the right place.

The effects of mat-based bodywork are deeper, longer-lasting, and more relaxing than your typical table massage.

My regular clients have reported improved range of motion, ease of breath, and even lower blood pressure* after switching from Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

I combine everything I’ve learned over the past 6 years to help my clients get back to enjoying their lives – whether it’s recovering from an injury or deciding that today is the day they want their bodies to feel GOOD.

* Blood pressure management should be closely monitored by your regular physician. Massage therapy can help, but it is not a replacement for modern medical science and pharmacology.

 Are you ready for a life-changing massage?

Is mat-based bodywork not your thing?

It’s all good!

Pixie Bodyworks provides a top-notch therapeutic massage on a mat, but if you like a more traditional table experience – Page is armed to the teeth with local massage therapists to recommend.

Whether you’ve got stress-related aches and pains, or an injury to recover from, I’m here for you to help you get to your best — even if that best is another therapist!