Magical Mat-based Massage – The Quick Fix

Need a massage, but you just DON’T have the time?

Quick fixes are for you! Check out the options below for this short, intense, 45-minute mat-based massage.

General upper OR lower body
Perfect for recovering from a long drive, leg day, or holiday hair season. This generalized session is ideal if you feel overall achey, sore, or just need a bit of bodywork love to tide you over until next week. 

They suck – Let’s make it better with an entire arsenal of techniques and tools, pleasant (or lack of) scents, comfy pillows and your favorite calming beverage (even if it’s Mtn Dew – we all make our choices). 

Software Engineer Shoulders
You, yes you. The one who’s back just cracked because you forgot to move for 3 hours while reviewing and compiling code. I’ll help keep you from getting carpal tunnel and combat tech neck by getting right to the root issue (or tissue) — all you have to do is role-play a stone. No nudity, no small talk required.

Hip’s don’t lie, especially after squats
There is a minimum of seventeen muscles that make your hips function – give them the attention they deserve! This session focuses on the abdominal, gluteal, hip flexor, and inner thigh — everything that crosses the hip joint. **Do not participate in strenuous exercise or activities for at least a few hours after this session as the body needs time to process this massage. The freedom of movement experienced immediately after receiving can feel amazing, but we want to avoid causing a rebound effect!**

Feet feet feet (and calves)
If you work or live on your feet, this session is for you! Calves and feet are the star of the show, including hot towels and foot scrubs on the house. Or not, I’m your bodywork bestie, not your boss!

Not sure what you’d like to focus on? That’s fine! We can figure it out after you get here.

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in. If you wear bras or binders, I recommend one without an underwire, like a sports bra or bralette. If you regularly exercise or do yoga, you probably already have these clothes! If you forget, that’s ok! I’ve got options we can work with.