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Christine Chapman PottsChristine Chapman Potts
Sara GredlerSara Gredler

Pixie Body Works saved my sanity. I was suffering from pretty bad insomnia and Page was professional and fantastic with her table massage. I slept like a baby for the first time in months. If you're looking for a de-stresser, this is it.

The office is super clean, very cozy - and I felt welcome and at home the moment I stepped in. I can't recommend Page and Pixie Bodyworks enough.

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Erica KuschelErica Kuschel

Page is incredible! My massage over the weekend was much needed and she definitely did not disappoint. Her space is easy to find and nice and cozy! I can't wait for my next massage or Lazy Girl's Yoga! <3

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Amy CampisiAmy Campisi
Kevin T. ChinKevin T. Chin

I've had multiple sessions with Page in the past, a wonderful experience each time.

This week we tried Lazy Girls Yoga as a change of pace. (Being a girl is optional, don't let the name fool you!).

We did a 2.5 hour session, and it's a huge help for those of us in desk jobs. The mobility in my right shoulder is a lot better, and it limbered up my legs after hours of time in an office chair. Highly recommended!

Page also redecorated her space recently, and the result is beautiful!

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Shawn MunroShawn Munro

Had a fantastic massage with Page today. I highly recommend her, and will be going back for further services. Lyn C

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Lyn Cole-FugateLyn Cole-Fugate

I’m a fellow body worker, only my specialty is Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal...table bodywork, and I love it but:
Floor bodywork is a whole other animal, and by lucky happenstance remembered that Pixie and I traded long ago and it was my turn!
Everything felt so easy but so profoundly satisfying, lying there in my yoga clothes — almost falling asleep but wanting to stay awake to pay attention! She was re-teaching me moves I’d forgotten—ones so mutually healing that they feel like a graceful dance. How joyful it is! Especially with Pixie’s very mindful and capable feet!

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Ilse AshbrookIlse Ashbrook

You won't find a better massage therapist than Page at Pixie Bodyworks. She's got tons of experience with bodywork of all types, her studio space is clean and comfortable, and her sessions are amazing. Highly recommend!

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Brandon LusterBrandon Luster

What a great experience! Page took time before the massage to check in with me and get a read on what I was experiencing in my body that day. The massage itself was fantastic. She encouraged me to give her feedback throughout, and she was responsive when I did.

She was also easy to talk to. Between that and the space she's in, I felt completely at ease throughout. She diffuses essential oils and her music is, in a word, magical.

At the end of the massage she gave me an Epsom salt/essential oil blend to soak in later to prevent soreness, and she followed up with an email giving me information on how to best optimize my post-massage experience.

Page is professional, and I felt completely taken care of throughout the experience. I will definitely be visiting Pixie Bodyworks again!

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Sarah Buhidma CaudillSarah Buhidma Caudill

I had the pleasure to experience Page's table massage today. Of all the experiences I've had with massage therapy this was by far the best. Her combined blend of techniques make for quite a unique experience different from any other I've had. The setting of the studio is very pleasant, comfortable and relaxing. I left the session feeling slightly sedated. Highly recommend 🙂

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Matt MarburyMatt Marbury

What a lovely experience!

I'm super happy I tried "Lazy Girl Yoga, " because it's unlike most massage therapy that's available out there.

I'd been adverse to receiving mat work, because in the past, it has increased my low back discomfort, vs relieving it.

I was so intrigued by Page's integration of modalities, that I wanted to give her work a chance--and I'm glad I did.

I definitely want "Lazy Girl Yoga" as a regular addition to my wellness routine.

Her space is cozy; and the session is transcendent.

By the time you leave, you feel like a different person--in the loveliest of ways.

Try it! You'll like it!

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Mar Navarrete-HutchinsonMar Navarrete-Hutchinson

I do a lot of heavy lifting, so my body is always sore and tight. Most massages feel good in the moment but don't really do anything for long.

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Forrest C.Forrest C.

I had a fantastic floor mat bodywork session w/Page at Pixie Bodyworks. She was so accommodating from setting up an appointment all the way through after... Read More

Angie C.Angie C.

Page is incredible!!!

Her take on mat based massage (aka: Lazy Girl Yoga) truly feels like you can come in, lay down on her mat and then she does all the... Read More

Hannah C.Hannah C.