To talk or not to talk? The massage therapy question you never thought to ask.

If you’ve come in for some Lazy Girl’s Yoga, you may have noticed that I place a strong emphasis on my clients’ comfort. From offering hot tea or flipping on the mat warmer when you feel a chill, to providing product samples and a personally curated blend of Epsom and Dead Sea salts, so that you can extend the benefits of the muscle-melting massage you just received.

A friend of mine came in for her first session last week, and the topic of talking during a massage came up… as we were talking during our Lazy Girl’s Yoga session! My dear friend is a speech therapist and a talker by nature, and she was genuinely worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep from talking for an hour and a half. She felt that she was supposed to be quiet the whole time! We talked so much that I almost had to cut a topic short because our session was nearly over.

While I was employed at a massage franchise, I had a regular client who would only really respond if I asked questions or gave direction related to the massage itself – How’s the pressure? Lift your head slightly please, etc. After a while, our interactions got to the point where I would confirm that he wanted his usual style of session and then we wouldn’t talk at all – with the exception of flipping from face down to face up and letting him know that our 50 minutes was up.

Two VERY different clients, and very different sessions. I enjoyed both, though, and I’d like to take the time to explain why.

It’s YOUR choice whether to talk in a session.

It is NOT rude to say “I’ve had a long day, and would rather not chit chat this time.” It is equally not rude to have a continuing conversation, even if it lasts the whole session! You can even say “Hey, I think I want to stop talking now.”

I’m notorious for getting longwinded when asked questions about massage therapy, or how business is going, or my cats, or husband — really anything I love. If I’ve had an especially talkative day, I may even initiate conversations more often. Guess what? You can absolutely tell me to shut up! I’ve said so countless times when I catch myself rambling on about why most people have their right foot turned out when laying face up.

To put it simply, the conversation (or lack thereof) is in your hands. No matter what, I’ll be checking in on your comfort levels to make sure you’re able to completely relax. Too much pressure? Let me know! Want a bit more? Sure! Really liked that weird hip thing I just did? I’ll hang out in that spot some more if you like.

Lazy Girl’s Yoga is catered and tailored to YOU! All you have to do is ask.

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